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Measure Rate of Reaction

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    I'm studying homogeneous catalysis and reaction kinetics, and I want to conduct an experiment that measure the rate of reaction by either:

    1. a pH change​
    2. consumption or generation of a compound bearing optical properties.​

    Which one is more feasible? Hopefully you'll suggest a nice reaction.

    What other ways can I experimentally measure the rate of reaction accurately (besides pressure change for 2H2O2 -> 2H2O + O2)?
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    For option 1) simply measure the pH change using a pH meter, this would probably be the simplest approach.
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    I think measuring the optical properties will be more accurate, but there will certainly be complications involved in keeping the reaction at constant temperature, etc.

    so measuring pH change will be more simple. Is there a reaction that comes to your mind?

    Thnx in advance for helping me :)
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    not exactly, I though that perhaps this was specified in your assignment. If the reaction does not involve significant trend in pH change, then obviously you'll have to consider another method. It all depends on which catalyst you have in mind or were assigned.
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