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Measurement system - Please help

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    Hi, I am not sure whether there is someone here that can help me but at this point I am kind of desperate :confused: I am an English legal translator and I am doing a translation about a machine that runs roll tests on gearsets. Within the Measurement system of the machine it talks about the channel frequency analysis to ckeck the quality of the gearset and about Bin Tolerance :confused: What is this??? I have not found anything for Bin Tolerance or Bin Width which is the other term that appears. If anybody knows where I can find something related to this so I can at least know the explanation in English and I will try later to find a translation into Spanish. I hope someone can help me with this, thanks a lot. :smile: Analia.
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    It may relate to a statistical analysis and frequency distribution. It sounds like one of your measurements is of a feature called a "channel." If you are measuring a certain thing many times, i.e. a bunch of gear sets, all of those measurements will vary somewhat. Those measurements are usually normally distributed. In a frequency analysis, you divide up your range (x-axis) into "bins", or intervals of a fixed width that will divide up all of your measurements.

    So, say your measurement varries from 0-.50. You may arrange your bins to go from 0-.1, then .11-.2, then .21-.3 and so on. Each measurement will fall into one bin. Once all of the measurements are entered into their respective bins, you will have a distribution of how frequently a measurement falls within a certain range.

    As far as bin tolerancing goes, that topic is a bit above my level. You should post this same question in the statistics forum and I am sure someone there can give a more in depth explaination.

    Hope this helps.
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    Thanks Fred, at least I know something else now. I will try the other forum too. Thanks a lot for your help. Analia. :smile:
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