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Medical Measuring fever temperature

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    I got fever, and due to the curiosity to know what is fever and on studying what is fever I got a doubt.
    why does temperature is high at anus when compared to other body parts at the time of fever.
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    Re: fever at anus

    It is not. It is just better to measure temperature there, as skin surface is usually colder than the temperature inside of the body, so the reading can be wrong. Temperature in the anus is as close to the real body temperature as possible. Other common places used when measuring temp are mouth (can be cooled down by breathing or modified by something you ate), ear - not bad, although exposed, so can be a little bit colder than the inside, and armpit - same problem as with ear.
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    Re: fever at anus

    Borek gave the answer, read the rest of his post.
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    yeah I got it. Thanks. At first I think reading is wrong means what I read is wrong, so I made the second reply. Now I understand It is Thermometer reading.

    I have problem in reading and writing and speaking english. Because of that I got a misunderstanding.
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    Personally, I think you're not getting an accurate reading unless you're elbow-deep in the alimentary canal. :biggrin:

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    good thing you put that note about the joke. I've been reading around and was really serious about the stuff on this forum. This joke's a good one though. :D
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