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Measuring Micrometres Question

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    I'd be very grateful to someone who could help me out here. I just started Biology and I'm having a hard time knowing how to calculate micrometres. It wasn't really explained well.

    Anyway I've started out by estimating the width of a human muscle tissue cell in Centimetres. I got about 50 CM and the power was on high which was x100 I believe. The range the teacher told me was that it should be between 10 and 100 Mm and slightly smaller than the plant cell I took. I guessed and fooled around with the plant call and I got 60 Mm.

    I'd appreciate if someone could help me better understand micrometres and explain how the got the answer to my problem.

    I'm thinking I go 50 CM to 500 mm for a better figure to work with sniec Mm are 1000 mm. Then I'm stumped from there. They aren't very good microscopes so the original measurement was guesswork. But are CM's a good figure to estimate with.

    Anyone who can help me I'd appreciate it. Thanks again.
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    1 m = 100 cm = 1000 mm = 1000000 um (u can be used as a shorthand for micro)

    the measurement micro stands for 10^-6, milli for 10^-3 and centi for 10^-2

    I hope that helps :)
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