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Measuring shoe impact force

  1. Aug 16, 2012 #1
    Can anyone recomend a device or way I can measure the impact protection qualities of different running shoes? I am a runner and would be interested in doing this myself.

    I appreciate it!
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    You need an accelerometer. You can probably buy a small one that might work.
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    Can you recommend one or how to set this kind of test up?
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    You would also need some small stress transducers to fit under your foot in various locations. The signals from these plus the accelerometers would need to be recorded on a data-logger, strapped to the runner.
    There are a number of data-logging systems available for schools, which could possibly be used. They would be more bulky than you might like, ideally, but they would be relatively straightforward to fit and not too expensive. They come with USB interface and display / calculating software.
    It all depends on how you are with technical construction.
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    Would this be expensive? Unfortunately I do not know anyone with acess to equipment like that. I am very mechanically inclined.

    I am a runner with a pain in my side only after running two or more miles and running at a 6:20 pace or faster. It does not happen when going slower or biking or whatever. It is partially due to my footfalls I believe. I would like a way to quantify shoe shock absorbing. I run about 50 miles per week.

    Again sorry for all the questions. I really appreciate it! Doctors and MRI's can figure out my problem. I hope science can lol....
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    I am not sure that actually measuring the forces on your feet / legs would help you. It would be 'interesting' but wouldn't lead to any solution for your problem, I fear.
    There is one possible solution for your problem - but you don't want to go there, I'm sure. Stopping running would help! Did you consider an alternative loony way of knackering yourself, perhaps (I have been there too aamof)? Cycling is equally knackering and fun but doesn't involve the impulsive shocks that running gives you.

    Perhaps you should invest in the most expensive, specialist running shoes you can find. I know some runners who say that a local shop, here in Brighton, has sorted them out with some brilliant shoes - but they would say that, after spending crazy sums of money!
    Good luck with the problem.

    Was there a "not" missing from that sentence, by any chance? If you are handy with electronics then possibly an Arduino board and some peripherals could give you some answers for not many tens of Quids (BP)
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