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Measuring the x magnetic moment

  1. Jan 3, 2006 #1
    if [tex]L_z|Y_l^m>=m|Y_l^m>[/tex]
    whats my possible values for [tex]L_x(A|Y_0^0>+B|Y_1^0>+C|Y_2^0>)[/tex]?
    i thought id use [tex]L_x=\frac{L_++L_-}{2}[/tex], create a matrix that would be block diagonal (a block for every l) and then i should find the eigenvalues for every block and say these are the values id get from measuring L in the x direction... am i correct?
    does this mean there are more then one Y that can give with some probability the same value of L in the x direction?
    and can one Y give with some probability one value and with some probability a different value for L in the x direction?
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