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Measuring Total Pressure

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    Since pitot tubes measure total pressure from the flow ramming into the total pressure hole, could I use any thin piece of pipe facing the flow (given that it's smooth on the inside) to measure total pressure? Trying to think of ways not to use my pitot tube to measure the total pressure of a flame. Thanks!
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    Normaly there is no flow in a pitot tube, so the smooth schould be in the opening of the tube.
    It's just a question of accurasy in the messure.

    Is it realy the total pressure you want ?
    A typical pitot tube are used to result in the dynamik pressure whitch gives you speed / flow of the fluid messured.
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    Thanks for the reply. So OK, I'll use a thin steel tube then. And yes, I'm trying to find the flame speed and have a static port set up, but I don't want to expose my pitot tube to the flame.
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    That's right, take care of the instruments.
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