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Measurments of Pi

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    Does anyone know the measurments of a perfect circle? I've been trying to calculate Pi on my own, but I can't find a reliable set of measurments to use. Everything I've found so far has been close, but starts to deviate from the real Pi around the tenth decimal place.
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    What is this calculation you are doing ? You know that there is no such thing as a perfect measurement, right ? A perfect circle is a mathematical object. Neither will you find one in the physical world, nor be able to measure anything about it to arbitrary accuracy.
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    As Gokul points out, you won't get a particularly good value for pi by physical measurement. You need to compute it via mathematics

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    Hmmm...I had been using simple division, so I was looking for a diameter and circumfrence. I had thought a perfect circle could exist in theory, and the measurements known, but apparently not.
    Thanks for the link though, it's a great site!
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