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Mechalical or electrical engineering?

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    which type of engineering, mechanical or electrical is the most difficult?
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    out from those two.. id have to say mechanical..

    statics and dynamics are bummers.. and thermo is relatively time consuming

    EE is mostly same concepts applied to different things
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    which do you think will pay more money in the future? I know that i'm going to major in one of the above fields but i'm still undecided. Robotics seems exciting but so does desigining a new type of engine.
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    Potential for earning money is an extremely bad way of deciding which field you wanna get into. There's definitely potential for some relatively high earnings in both fields, but you should never let money guide a career choice.

    Both robotics and engine design involve a good deal of mechanical and electrical engineering...
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    Money is definately not my only consideration.
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    I would go with ME. Mechanical engineering is one of the broadest engineering discplines so you'll be able to work on a lot of different things. EEs are weird and work on stuff that doesn't apply to anything except electronics. Do no go to the dark side! :)
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