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Mechanical Car Lifting Jack

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    We are making a Mechanical Car Lifting Jack as part of our Manufacturing Process course. A few questions :-

    1. It looked too simple to me, but sometimes it doesn't. Like it has quite a nice assembly. Where do you put it on difficulty scale ?

    2. What do you suggest that we do calculations for the forces and material etc because we want it to be able to lift the car?

    3. What should be our initial target ? Like design, calculations etc..What should be the precise procedure?

    We have only 8-9 weeks for the project.
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    You will first have to decide what method of force multiplication you will be using to apply the desired force to lift the vehicle. Will the jack be hydraulic or gear-driven?
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    Do some research on what existing designs are out there already. Do you want to replicate an existing one or go off on your own.
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    What are the requirements/parameters? Such as, maximum lift weight (must it lift the whole car, or just one corner); portability (can one person carry it); manufacturing/retail price target.
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    Do you have a forming press?
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    Simplest...screw jack...
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    I want to replicate the one I have. Its a screw jack. A very simple one.
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    1. One corner will be enough.

    2. Very portable.

    3. With the design in my mind I don't think it is going to cost much.
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    What is your background? What type of program are you in? I ask this because you seem to want us to lead you by the nose through this "design." Have you had any exposure to any kind of design methodology class? What, exactly, is the object of this project?
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    So you're planning on reverse-engineering a jack you already have? I'm not sure a screw jack will be easier to make than simple hydraulic cylinder jack, but whatever floats your boat.
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    I am doing BE Mech. Engg. We have already gone through the course in which we learnd and performed different techniques like foundry, machining, forging etc. I have very good idea about the processes. As for design there hasn't been anything at all till now. The object of this project is to make something using the processes we have learned.
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    Not reverse engineering, actually. Its just that I have the final product which I want to make. I am more inclined towards a simple hydraulic cylinder jack but even with excessive googl-ing I haven't come up with any help regarding its design, mechanism etc. I would love to do it.
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