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Mechanical engineer and car engine

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    Does every mechanical engineer need to be able to repair Automobile engine?
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    Absolutely not. I know of few who can.

    Sadly, in the English language, the term 'engineer' has been bastardised to such an extent that it can legitimately be used to describe a mechanic, washing machine repair man, or a train driver.

    While it is undoubtedly useful for a mechanical engineer to have hands-on experience with engines (and any other mechanical device, for that matter), it is not essential that then can fix a car!
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    Yep, while some engineers will know how to fix cars, this will be because of their interest in mechanical things, rather than required knowledge.
    I personally want to get into the auto industry and I reckon it wouldnt hurt to know a thing or two about the basics. This doesnt mean I could rebuild an engine.
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    Mechanical engineering DOES NOT = automotive engineering (I hate that term).
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    Absolutely not. Out of the 45 engineers passed out with me from the university in 2000, no one other than a friend of mine and myself (as we were serving in merchant navy) can even explain the working of many parts in an automobile. But this does not mean that they were not good at studies or anything like that. We all passed with flying colours. It depends on interests and tastes. Engineers are not expected to know the practical troubleshooting of such machinery. But it is always a plus point if one can do that.
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    Therein lies the problem in many cases. Troubleshootability (if that's a word) can be as important as any of the 'abilities'.
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    What a pity! Fortunately we mantain our prestige in spanish language....

    I think a mechanical engineer doesn't need to repair any car. It is not his mission. Surely there will be lower personnel which will be paid for doing so.

    Personally, I don't know how to change a wheel (I haven't got car). But I believe it is very dramatic if there is some mechanical engineer who does not know how an automobile engine works or which are its essential parts.
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    There are a lot of "hands on" skills that one needs to be able to really tear into an engine. That's what mechanics/technicians excell in. I doubt you'd find an engineer that doesn't know the basic operations of the engine, or why certain components are designed the way they are. But to really do something with the engine as far as rebuilding etc... is a different story.
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