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Mechanical engineer

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    mechanical engineer :D or :S
    well i am a mechanical engineer in a factory my job is maintenance of different machines so i am dealing with many mechanical systems
    also dealing with air compressors pneumatic circuits , hydraulic circuits and air chillers i deal with many things may be everything i am not especialized in a specific branch of the mechanical engineering
    i want someone to help me about my sitiuation if i found an advanced job should i leave or my work is okay
    iam thinking that iam wasting my time as iam not specialized in a certin branch so what can i do i need help
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    My first question would be what classes did you take in college, and at what level is your highest degree?
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    Not to be tight or condecending or anything, but you could start by using proper sentences.

    If you are bored or think you aren't progressing/developing start by talking to your managers, they may give you more to do or more responsibility. If nothing happens move on.
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