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Mechanical Engineer

  1. Dec 23, 2013 #1
    I am thinking about being a mechanical engineer but there are a few things I wanted to take into account before I picked this field.

    First, the amount of available jobs is important.

    Second, salary. I'm not a money crazed person but I plan on raising a family. I want to be able to pay off all of my debt as fast as I can and never be in debt ever again. I want to be able to pay for my kids' college if I ever end up having any. I want to have a lot of financial security.

    Third, I want to go into the aerospace industry. What jobs would be available for me in this industry with a degree in mechanical engineering?

    Fourth, would it be smart to get a masters degree in aerospace engineering? Would it effect job openings and salary?

    Thank you guys for your time. I really appreciate it.
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    This post is a more detailed version of your previous post, and probably more relevant here. Generally double posting is frowned upon.
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    Sorry I am new here and I couldn't find my original post and thought that it wasn't posted but I got it all figured out now. Sorry again.
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