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Mechanical engineering at UofT, Waterloo or Queens?

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    hey guys, I've recently just got my early acceptance to Waterloo mechanical engineering and it has got me thinking about which university i should narrow my sights onto.

    Long story short, I am an Ontario highschool student who wishes to go to one of the top engineering universities that are Canada bound (Excluding UBC and U of Alberta due to expense)

    Waterloo has been my top choice for a while, hearing it is one of the top universities, having great co-op, small classes, and SUPPRISINGLY I like the campus most out of all of the ones above (not a fan of fancy pants ivy buildings).

    However, I've recently been hearing that Waterloo's claim to fame is their electrical, software and computer engineering. This being said, how would the mechanical engineering be there? How would it compare to U of T or Queens? Would i be settling for a lower tier university if i go to UW for mechanical as apposed to it's competitors?

    Secondly, I've heard that it's harder to go into graduate studies at a GOOD American university from Waterloo as compared to Queens or U of T. I've heard that people from Queens (engineering in particular) can get into places like Berkley relatively easier than the others. Is this true to any extent? And if it is easier, would it still be possible to get into those schools from Waterloo?

    Third, I have been finding that Waterloo has been ranked relatively low compared to Queens and U of T in the field of engineering in magazines like mcleans. Even though Waterloo is lower, lots of people conciser it one of (or the actual) best engineering school in Canada. I know tons of it is preference, but do people recognize Waterloo as one of the best engineering schools? If so, why would it be lower in the ratings? If it is a bit worse than the others, would it still be in the top tier of Canadian engineering universities for mechanical engineering?

    And finally, how hard will it be to find an international job if i graduate from Waterloo? Would it be easier in Queens or U of T just because people recognize the universities more?

    I know my questions are a bit wordy, so i thank anyone who is willing to help me all :)!

    P.S. Lots of people (including students and Prof's) tell me not to go to U of T engineering because they feel like a number. Is this true relative to Waterloo or Queens?

    EDIT: I am applying to mechanical engineering at all of these universities, no other type.
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