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Mechanical Engineering Book Reference

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    Hello all,

    I have noticed a good number of threads pertaining to which book is recommended for a certain subject so I thought that a nice list of the ones most widely used would be good to create.

    Here are the books that I use daily in the design of Pressure Vessels, Boilers, and Heat Exchangers.

    1. - North American COMBUSTION HANDBOOk Volume 1


    2. - Introduction to Heat Transfer 4th Edition by Incropera and Dewitt


    Note - Don't waste your time with the additional chapters on mass transfer they are practically useless.

    3. - Transport Phenomena 2nd Edition by Bird Stewart and Lightfoot.


    Note - Best all around book you can use for this subject.

    4. - Radiative Transfer by Hottel and Sarofim

    Note - This one is hard to come by but if you see it buy it.

    5. - Classical Thermodynamics 3rd Edition by Van Wylen and Sonntagg


    6. - Theory and Design of Pressure Vessels 2nd Edition by Harvey


    7. - Pressure Vessel Design Handbook by Bednar


    8. - A First Course in the Finite Element Method (any edition) by Logan


    Those are my preferred texts in those subjects.

    Feel free to add your favorite texts also.

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