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Mechanical Engineering DD V Mechatronics

  1. Mar 12, 2013 #1
    Hi everyone

    I am thinking of studying a bachelor of engineering at the University of Adelaide. I have thought about the different options for what discipline to major in, and I think I have decided on Mechanical.

    However, the University also offers a Mechatronics course, and making robots, UAVs, etc. sounds awesome. I would love to do a degree like this but i have read lots of threads on here saying that it is hard to get jobs as a Mechatronic engineer, and when you do, you will most likely be working as either a Mechanical or Electrical engineer anyway.

    I thought a good compromise on this would be to become a fully qualified Mechanical engineer, but do a double degree with Mathmatical and Computer Sciences, where I could learn about programming. I would also take electives in things like Robotics. This way, I could always fall back on my Mechanical engineering degree, especially in the early years, but later on my Computer Science degree would help me get into working in the robotics, mechatronics side of things.

    Does anyone know anything about these degrees, and what they translate to in getting actual jobs? Would I be wasting my time doing the Computer Science degree when I would still be lacking in the electronics side of things? Finally, would the double degree in Mathematical and Computer Science help me get regular mechanical engineering jobs, even if they don't involve things like robotics?

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