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Mechanical engineering question

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    1) Is there a difference between Mechanical Engineering Technician and technologist?

    2) If the University program is call Mechanical Engineering Technology - Design does that mean ill be taught mainly on Designing?

    3) Is it mandatory for me to have my grade 11 and 12 Chemistry credit to get into Mechanical Engineer? or can i still go into a Mechanical Engineer program without it.

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    I can not answer your first two questions, but I can answer your third. When I was researching colleges to attend for an engineering degree, I saw that most schools recommended a chemistry class before entering college. I saw two that I researched that required a high school chemistry class.

    That said, I would highly suggest you take a chemistry class before entering an engineering program. You will be able to learn the concepts and get a head start for the chemistry classes you will have to take in an engineering program. The better prepared you are, the less time you will have to spend learning the subject while simultaneously leaning other new subjects.
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    there is a difference between a technician and a mechanical engineer, usually a technician know less theory thn an engineer and he focus more on the applied side of mechanics and not on the theoretical ,mathematical side if u wish .

    if you need help concerning what sort of courses a mechanical engineer takes , just take a look at this website it is a free academic guide for mechanical engineers.
    http://www.firavia.com [Broken]
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