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Mechanical Engineering Thesis, Mining Industry

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    Hi guys,

    I am entering in my final year of mechanical engineering and as one of my last major assessment items, i am required to complete a thesis. I was wondering if i could get some ideas on a possible topic.

    I am currently employed as an undergrad mechanical engineer at a engineering firm which designs/modifies mining equipment for the coal industry, and overhauls/repairs conveyor pulleys. Given this, i would like to do something relating to this field.

    So far i have two ideas.
    1) Investigate the coefficient of friction of coal on different wear liner compounds for the application of DEM modelling. At present, i believe there is very limited information on this and so this value is somewhat 'guessed' when running simulations.
    2) Design a dead-shaft conveyor pulley overhaul bay. will have to be adjustable for suit pulleys of all sizes, capable to support the loads on extracting/installing bearings etc.

    What are your thoughts on these ideas? Can you recommend any?

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