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Mechanical Engineering

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    Hello, fellow mechanical engineers.
    Care to spend some time to answer a few of my questions?

    1) What is your biggest struggle of being a mechanical engineer?
    2) What made you choose this field?
    3) What is your advice towards future mechanical engineers?
    4) Do you regret being a mechanical engineer?
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    I'm not a mechanical engineer but there is a great confluence happening where software + hardware + robotics + ... are colliding into mechatronics and I know a lot of MEs are interested in these areas.

    One such example is the "maker revolution" and the "internet of things" happening now around the world.
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    1) Working with engineers who are "book smart" but "field dumb". I've seen some terrible engineering done simply because the engineer knew the numbers but not the real world. Example: Eight liquid storage tanks (36K gallons), each with its own pump and variable speed drive. Fill piping and pump piping designed to minimize friction and number of bends. Looks elegant, so far, so good. Install the equipment in two rows of four tanks each. Result: To remove pumps, motors or drives requires disassembly on the pad and "jungle pole" carrying of pieces out through the narrow gaps between the tanks. Repair as necessary, assemble and test. Disassemble and jungle pole pieces back to the pad and reassemble. The engineer had a Master's Degree in Mechanical Engineering, Summa Cum Laude, I won't mention the university but it is highly regarded.
    2) Lifelong gearhead. Cars, motorcycles, toasters, bicycle pumps, for as long as I can remember I wanted to know how they worked. Taking things apart and putting them back together convinced me I could do better in many cases.
    3) Never forget the math, it will come in handy. Never ignore the advice of operators, pipe fitters, welders, machinists, millwrights, etc. They may not be correct all the time, but they often can point out where problems originate.
    4) No regrets. I had an interesting, challenging and rewarding career.
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    Sorry, @averycasille -- we do not allow interview question threads at the PF. It is because most such threads seek personal info from the respondents, which you did not do. But to allow your interview thread would be bad thematically. I hope you understand. :smile:
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