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Mechanical Engineers in HVAC/MEP work

  1. Apr 23, 2010 #1
    Hi all, I'm 23 year old Mechanical Engineering student working on my first year after spending a few years after high school working in various technician positions. If anyone's got the time to answer a few questions, I would appreciate your input.

    For those of you working in HVAC/MEP design, what caused you to take this route as opposed to other career paths? How did you come to be in your position?

    Do you find your work to be fulfilling, what are some of the advantages/disadvantages to this line of work in relationship to some of the others in the field?

    Did you take any specific HVAC courses or did you find that the Mechanical Engineering curriculum provided you with the base knowledge you needed to find entry-level work and were able to perform it successfully?

    What other advice would you give someone looking to enter the field?

    This isn't for a school paper or project or anything, just a few questions to satisfy my curiousity. Thanks everyone!
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