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Mechanical: Intermittent Rotary Motion

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    I'm trying to virtually simulate a certain mechanical movement (#88) respect to Intermittent Rotary Motion. This is from the book '507 Mechanical Movements' written about 150 years ago.

    An image of the setup is attached.

    The description goes like this: Continuous rotary converted into intermittent rotary motion. The discwheel B, carrying the stops C, D, turns on a centre eccentric to the cam A. On continuous rotary motion being given to the cam A, intermittent rotary motion is imparted to the wheel B, the stops free themselves from the offset of the cam at every half revolution, the wheel B remaining at rest until the cam has completed its revolution, when the same motion is repeated.

    I would love to be modeling the pieces, centering the rotational pivots with CAD standards. The problem with this is that the accuracy of the model must be such that the points of rotation and stop placements must require high precision. And since I am not so fluent with the trigonometries for mechanical requirements could someone describe the aspects to be considered while modeling the pieces. Aspects in the sense what angular trajectory measurements must be taken for each of the stops, the cam-push and the centres of rotation for the cam as well as the discwheel for this to work appropriately.

    Any help and guidance would be of high value. Thanks in advance.

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