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Mechanical oscillation task

  1. Mar 11, 2008 #1
    Hi everybody!
    I have a big question for you, I have been staring me blind on this problem I got.
    And wonder if someof you could help mee with it?

    the guestion is this:

    "Find the time dependent oscillation u(t) for time t>0 for a damped system with one degree of freedome where c=50 kg/s, k=20 000 N/m, m=2 kg and which suddenly affected by a step function force p(t)=p0 H(t). (that is, the force in zero when t<0 and constant p0=1000 N when t>0.) At time t=0 the mass is in the equilibrium position with zero velocity. (easiest to not use Laplace, even though it is one possible way)."

    I whould be soo nice if somebody could help me with this task!


    best regards
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