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Homework Help: Mechanical: POP QUIZ!

  1. Nov 18, 2011 #1
    So there are some things that I feel are important for engineers to just know.

    Though the questions are basic it may help students with some fundamentals.


    A cantilever beam is loaded at its free end as seen in the attached Figure. What and where is the maximum normal stress in the beam?


    Same cantilever beam from Question 1. What and where is the maximum shear stress?

    Answer as clearly as possibly for others. Define all values used (i.e. L = length of beam, A = cross-sectional area) and mention any assumptions made.

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    Where does the maximum bending moment occur? Where does the maximum shear force occur? Hint: not at the free end.
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    What is the purpose of this thread? Are these questions for you to answer, or do you know the answers to them and are posting them for others to think about?
  5. Nov 19, 2011 #4
    Sorry, I thought it was obvious it was for others.

    If there ends up being no response after a few days I will post my answers.

    These would be possible homework questions a student might be asked (or perhaps on the EIT, hint hint).

    In any regard These questions are important for any (especially mechanical) engineer to know.

    I also plan on doind some for all other disciplines but for now let's see how this one goes.
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