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Mechanical Power Transfer, trying to figure out the wiggle factor?

  1. May 3, 2012 #1
    Mechanical Power Transfer, trying to figure out the wiggle factor???

    I’m trying to figure out “power transfer” using drive belts, probably serpentine, possibly cogged.

    If you have a primary drive belt that comes forward from say a 25Hp motor to power a secondary serpentine belt. The thing I can’t figure out is this. The second belt goes around a line of say five, seven, nine, etc. pulleys, causing each one to counter rotate. Then at either end you would have two idler pulleys completing the circuit or route. The simple thing would be – in say a five shaft configuration; you would simply put a second pulley, drive pulley, on the center of the five individual shafts (shaft number three), right? The problem is – those five shafts that the second belt is on – needs to move (altogether as one continues unit) side to side (linearly) approximately three inches, approximately two hundred forty cycles per minute. It would almost seem like the action of a wigwag that you would see in a standard washing machine. Incase you need it, each of those other shafts represents about .25Hp +/-. And one more thing, their (as a collective whole) rotational speed would be variable, 400 – 1200RPM.

    How can I energize that second set of shafts while they are moving back and forth, side to side?

    Thank you in advance.

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