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Mechanical press - energy of flywheel

  1. Jan 5, 2012 #1
    I know that the mechanical power press constructors give:
    1) the diagram of permitted work depending on used number
    of slide single stroke per minute;
    2) the diagram of eccentric loads on the slide (ellipsis graph).

    But I don't know how they can do these ones.
    For question 1. I presume that the iter calculation is:
    - energy for forming: E0=rated Force x rated distance to BDC
    - energy for deformation press: E1=F^2/2xRigidity press
    - energy losses: E2= ...? (x% of E0 ?)
    Total energy: Et=E0+E1+E2 this is the energy in continous operation
    (permitted work on automatic strokes).

    Now, for the press flywheel, assuming a slowdown of 20% during
    continous stroking, the energy stored in the flywheel is:
    So the inertial moment of flywheel is: J=Ev/iω^2
    where i: grade of non-uniformity, ω: average speed flywheel in rad/s

    Now the questions are:
    a) first of all: how can I calculate the drive motor power (kW) ?
    b) above all: how can I calculate permitted work on single strokes ??
    (I've read somewhere the energy in single strokes is about twice-2- of continous operation: why? I don't think 2 is a magic number...)

    2) In the end how can I drawing diagram of eccentric loads ?

    I really thank everyone help me.
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