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Mechanical Professional Engineering Exam References

  1. May 9, 2013 #1
    I'm planning on taking the mechanical PE exam within the next year or so. I plan on taking the Thermal and Fluids Systems exam for the afternoon portion of the PE exam. For those who have taken the test, what references did you bring with you to the exam, which were most helpful, and which ones did you wish you had brought?

    Currently I plan on bringing the following:
    • Mechanical Engineering Reference Manual (aka the MERM), 12th Edition, Michael Lindeburg
    • Cameron Hydraulic Data, 19th Edition
    • Ringed Binder with collected miscellaneous materials I find as I study (currently it holds a large psychometric and moody chart, a periodic table, and I may put some steam tables in there)
    For mechanical engineers, I've been told that most people can get away with just the MERM.

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