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Mechanical vs Electrical (Help!)

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    I know there are a ton of these posts, but I still need help as I have about one month to decide my degree ( I'm portuguese and I'm in the 12th grade) ... My favourite subjects are by far maths and physics (probably physics) and I would say that I'm very good at them. The problem is that my knowledge is purely theoretical, I've never done a project in my life! I also think I lack some passion... in my free time, instead of learning more about engines, cirtuits, robots or programming I would rather play videogames, workout or hangout with my friends. But I might love those things if I learn more about them in college and I do like technology and studying physics from time to time.
    It may seem that a degree in pure maths or physics would be the best thing for me, but I seek to apply these subjects in creating something...So, I'm debating whether Mechanical engineering or Electrical is the one I enjoy the most ( I already eliminated all the others). I'm not sure, but I think that the part of physics I prefer to study is mechanics and it is the part where I have a more intuitive thinking (but of course circuits and electricity is much more "abstract"). However, I don't know if I prefer engines, cars and moving parts to technology and computers as a whole (I might prefer the last, eventhough I never learnt how to programme on my own :P)
    So, what can you tell me?
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    I can tell you right now, that once you get out into the industry, it won't matter. If you find you picked the wrong one, it is very easy to gravitate towards the other once you actually get a job. More likely then that though, is you will end up doing something completely different then where you thought either of those fields would take you.

    Take electrical if you want more programming education, take mechanical if you want more physical design analysis.

    I'll say it one more time, chances are, whatever you pick, you won't just end up 'building cars or computers.'
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    Thanks! You were very helpful!
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    If you like math most, I would say do electrical. If you like building physical things, I'd go with mechanical. Both fields will include about the same level of math and you definitely build things as an EE, but some courses focus more on one than the other.

    The above advice is true too; my digital electronics professor had his bachelors degree in mechanical engineering for example.
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    thanks guys!
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    Not sure I agree with this...
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