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Mechanics for ECE majors

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    Is there any kind of Mechanics used for Electrical and Computer Engineering?
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    yes, "control engineering" - an application of electrical engineering to control mechanical systems.
    Examples include things like: helicopters, robotics, automobile, manufacturing equipment,
    and even those sensor actuated toilet flushers. :biggrin:
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    Ugh...one of my most dreaded classes. Controls. Ouabache is right IMO. I had ME's, EE's and CE's in my class. It seemed like all we did sometimes was develop equations of motion for systems.
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    I haven't taken any upper-division classes yet... but doesn't control systems branch into like two fields, with only one that needs mechanical engineering? IIRC the other field deals with signals/data/compression/whatever... I just remember something about developing MPEG and MP3 algorithms and stuff like that. I hate Mechanics but that sounds cool...
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    Actually in EE, Signals and Systems may be divided into two main fields Control Systems and Signal Processing. Control Systems are applied to areas that I described above.... (Fred, I sympathize with you.. In EE, we are taught "Signals and Systems" as a prereq to "Control Systems". So the mathematical representations becomes much more intuitive).

    Signal Processing may be used to manipulate audio and video signals (such as development of MPEG and JPEG data compression algorithms). It is also applied to telecommunications (e.g. cell phone technology, data transmission via wireless LANS) image applications (e.g. digital photography, medical imaging, pattern recognition), audio synthesis (e.g. music synth, artificial speech)
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    Thanks for the clarification. :)
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