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Mechanics for Mechatronics

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    I currently taking a mechanics course from the physics department at my university, and was wondering what is the difference between physics mechanics and Mechanical/Mechatronics/Robotics/Machine mechanics? Is there much if any difference?

    I looking into mechatronics engineering probably at Waterloo, but I'm worried about the type of mechanics.

    In the course I have right now were looking at, Newtonian mechanics, Linear momentum, Rocket motion, Energy.

    But I have trouble with centre of mass, Moment of Inertia, and angular momentum. This is uasually done at the single or many particle level. The general idea is not to difficult, but in other coordinate systems I get quite confused. I know how to start the problem but have trouble solving it.

    I was kind of hoping Mechatronics and Mechanical engineering would not have these areas, as my buddy who is in 3rd year Mech Eng couldn't solve some of the problems I showed him because he'd never seen things like Cm and M of I and AM before.

    I know in Mechatronics and Mech Eng they look at macroscopic stuff where as in physics they look more on the microscopic scale. Is any scale less hard? Is mechanics in physics tougher than Mech Eng/Mechatronics? Even though Mech Eng has a ton more mechanical courses, and mechatronics has probably more than pure physics?
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