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Mechanics Goldstein again

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    i don't get this what he wrote...
    the internal force [tex]\vec{F_{ij}}[/tex] between two particles is [tex]\vec{F_{ij}}=\nabla_{i} V_{ij}=\nabla_{ij} V_{ij}=-\nabla_{j} V_{ij}[/tex]
    where the subscript below [tex]\nabla_{k}[/tex]implies the differentitaion with respect to components of [tex]\vec{r_{k}}[/tex]
    i can't get how [tex]\vec{F_{ij}}=\nabla_{i} V_{ij} or \vec{F_{ij}}=-\nabla_{j} V_{ij}[/tex]
    the potential energy is dependent on the relative distances between the particles hence there is no meaning to the above two equalities
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    are we talking about Sheldon Goldstein?
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    I was thinking about Sheldon Goldstein who deals with quantum mechanics. Sorry
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    Doc Al

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    Yes, you are thinking of Shelly Goldstein of Rutgers, the expert on Bohmian mechanics, not Herbert Goldstein, author of the classic textbook on classical mechanics.
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    oops sorry for the inconvinience that was Herbert Goldstein....

    P.S:Starnge but i am not able to post with my opera 9.27(because the posting page doesn't load completely) though i am able to do so with FireFox 3 Beta 5...i use Ubuntu 8.04
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