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Mechanics, help me

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    a weight is attatched midway to a thread which hangs vertically from a ceiling.another weight is attatched to the bottom end of the thread.where along the thread will it be most easy to cut and why?
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    What's your initial guess (and why)?
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    I would say at the top, near the point the thread is attached to the ceiling. Why?, because at that point there is the greatest amount of tension on the thread, which makes it easier to cut.
    My thoughts anyway.
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    I would say that your initial guess is correct, because any part of the thread below the first weight does not experience tension from that weight.

    This is assuming it is easier to cut if it is more tense, which I think is a fair assumption.
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    I would say anywhere between the ceiling and the first weight.
    regarding the assumption of higher tension = easier to cut, I would agree; it would flex less as the cutting object pressed against it
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    The top of the thread due to it having the highest normal strain (change in shape and volume), the thread would elongate and become thinner allowing less work to be done to cut the thread.
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