Mechanics of Materials


I just bought my book for mechanics of materials from the book store. Apparently its used in teaching statics and mechanics of materials all in one. I already took statics with Hibbeler, and I really did enjoy that book. It was VERY thorough. I looked through this books statics and felt very sad. A good majority of the stuff found in hibbeler was NOT found in this book, and im willing to bet it will be severly lacking in material on mechanics of materials. I know hibbeler has a book on mech of mat, and im very inclined to buy that and use this book as a paper weight and to solve the problems for homework only. Has anyone had any experience using this book: "Design analysis of structural elements fourth edition, James W. Dally and Robert J. Bonenberger"

Also, has anyone used hibbelers book on mechanics of materials?

No disrespect to the authors of this book, but they put a really nice hard cover, but when you open it up, the pictures and diagrams look like they were made in MS paint! But the main problem is it looks like it takes a very non rigerous approach to vector analysis. I could not find a single page on moments about a specified axis! YIKES!

I like hibbeler because its almost identical to beer/johnston, and they show good proofs using vectors.

any help is appreciated


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