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Homework Help: Mechanics problem, need some help

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    A weight with a mass of 3 kg is attached to a string of length 50 cm. One end of the string is fixed at the origin (x=0, y =0) and the weight is pushed on a frictionless table top so that it moves horizontally in a circle with constant angular velocity %omega. The weight moves in the x-y plane, z=0. At a certain time the velocity of the mass is vx = -3m/s , vy = 2m/s.

    The total force is 54i +24j [N] (Not a given, calculated)

    The question is:

    At the instant the velocity is as above the string is cut. Where is the mass 4 seconds later? Ignore the effects of gravity and friction.

    I really need some help with this one.. Thanks alot
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    when cut the body is moving at -3m/s in the X
    and 2m/s in the Y
    will the direction or magnitude of any of these change after the string is cut?
    what happens 4s later then? What is the displacement from the original position
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