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Homework Help: Mechanics Question (Newton#2)

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    A student pulls a tablecloth out from under a teacup. Suppose the tablecloth has mass m = 0.1 kg, the teacup has mass M = 0.2 kg, and the coefficient of kinetic friction between the tablecloth and the teacup, and between the tablecloth and the table, is μ = 0.4. The cup starts out 1 m from the edge of the tablecloth, and the student pulls hard enough to give the tablecloth a constant acceleration of 20 m/s2. Draw a free-body diagram for the cup, and another for the tablecloth. Calculate the distance the cup moves (relative to the table) before it reaches the edge of the tablecloth, the distance the tablecloth moves, and the speed of the cup just as it reaches the edge of the tablecloth.

    The trick is in the constant acceleration I think.?
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