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Homework Help: Mechanics - uniform rods

  1. Dec 2, 2004 #1
    Two uniform rods AB and CD each of weight W and length a are smoothly jointed at a point O, where OB and OD are each of length b. The rods rest in a vertical plane with the ends A and C on a smooth table and the ends B and D are connected by a light string. Prove that the reaction at the joint (aW/2b)tan @, where @ is the inclination of either rod to the vertical.
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    Andrew Mason

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    I don't quite understand the problem. Is there a picture available? It would seem that segments OB and OD are leaning in a downward direction at angle [itex]\alpha[/itex] from vertical. Is that correct? If so, I don't see how AO and CO can be vertical. They would have to be leaning outward at some angle. I am also not clear on what force it is you are supposed to be finding.

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