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I Mechanism for GRB?

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    So the Supernova is something that results from a radial bounce somewhat akin to the stacked ball drop, where the momentum is transfered out radially.

    But GRBs are said to have happened from accretion disks.

    So a rapidly rotating star that rotates fast enough should flatten out the star, resemballing something like an accretion disk. I can see how this gets around the radial momentum bounce issue.

    So is it something like ampere's law? The dense disk of star matter(flatten by the stresses from centrifugal force) would have rapidly spinning charges. This would produce a magnetic field pointing in the direction obtained by the right hand rule and opposite charged particles would accelerate to the opposite poles, and with it, produce E&M waves along those poles.

    Is that the process? Then does this convert angular momentum of the former star into the angular momentum of the electro magnetic field, something like the reverse process of the feynman disk paradox?
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