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Mechanism of meiotic drive

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    "Meiotic spindle asymmetry and functional differences between the centromeres of homologous chromosomes and recombinant/nonrecombinant chromatids have been shown to result in non-random segregation during meiosis (meiotic drive)".

    Does anyone know how this works? How would one chromosome be selected by the spindle and is this common (it would lead to non-mendelian inheritance of traits).
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    just a thought....

    what if the certain centromere and the specific meiotic spindle had protiens analogous to each other, maybe not protien at all though because chromatids and eukaryotic DNA in general are all bound to the histone protein(correct me if i'm wrong please).

    Just like some enzymes pick between which bases to apply during replication, could there be enzymes that choose which connection piece the spindle has, and that piece determines where the chromatid is placed. in the cellular matrix.

    This idea would fall apart however if the meiotic spindle never actually bonds with the centromere, just entangles it.:frown:

    ...can't say i didn't try...:smile:
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