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Mechatronic engineering

  1. Mar 19, 2012 #1
    I am just about to complete first year mechatronics, love every thing so far. but i am starting to have some doubts about this course as I talk to more people about it, some lectures suggest that this course is very broad and dose not really go to things in depth, at the same time being one of the hardest courses.

    The main reason i chose this course was an intrest in mechanical engineering, and this was the closest mechanical this college is offering, but now its becoming more evident that the course divides its focus over many different fields, ( electronic, computer etc)

    I do have a choice of switching to a more specialised course, since I am just finishing first year, I can move to computer engineering, where my interests in telecommunication would be focused on.

    What should i do i guess is the obvious question.
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    Since you are interested in telecommunications, you might find computer engineering to be more closely aligned to your goals (though not as well as electrical engineering might be).

    However, interests often change and mechatonics does provides a very broad knowledge base. One could easily argue that such a broad spectrum of knowledge is advantageous. For example, you may find yourself working one day as a project manager in an interdisciplinary environment (e.g. manufacturing). Here, the mechatonics background would allow you to speak the many various technical languages needed to excel as a team leader. Additionally, if you chose to complete the mechatonics program, you can always further specialize in graduate school. My vote is build a wide knowledge base first, then complete a masters in your focus area.
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