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Mechatronics career for me

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    Hi guys:

    initially i was going to complete my degree in mechatronics, however the department of my school want me to graduate by fall and so I will have one class (embedded system, with C++) short as well as a capstone project from getting my mechatronics degree.

    however, I will still graduate with a BSME having taken instrumentations and automatic control classes, on top of that I have taken classes with AC circuits, filters analysis and design classes in EE. Given that I don't have the embedded system C class, will I have trouble looking for jobs in the mechatronics field?
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    what specifically do you want to practice in the field of mechatronics?
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    I would like to do some robotics related stuff.

    but if you have more information please let me know !!!


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    the biggest problem for me is that, I was not able to take a system dynamics course when i was in my junior year, hence I need to take my senior year, and therefore I lost all opportunity to do research in mechatronics. I wanted to take a 5th year so I can build up my resume yet the department is forcing me to graduate since I have too many credits already.
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