Mechatronics course

  1. Does anyone know wat is this course about
    whether its good to choose it as my studying subject?
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  3. russ_watters

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    Have you had a look at the syllabus? I had a course in robotics that was pretty cool. I hate the math of controls, but I was all about building and programming robots.
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    It sounds like an evil corporation in some futuristic Robots-take-over-the-world movie.

  5. yea i raed the syllabus
    i';m thinking of it as a course in university
    seems quite cool!! :)
    robotic technology :P
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    I've got a bit of experience in the field. Is this an undergraduate elective (for, say, 3rd or 4th year students)? If so, my guess is it will be an applied controls course, possibly with an integrated lab session. Mechatronics is a cross-disciplinary field; in addition to controls, there should be a strong component of mathematical modeling of physical systems and mechanism/linkage analysis. The practical mechanics and electronics will probably (and regrettably) be glossed over simply because there is so much other material to go other. Again, if this is an undergraduate course, I would guess that the focus would be controls. Specifically, (linear) classical controls of second order systems (a lot of work will be in the Laplace domain, and you'll hopefully develop an intuitive feel for 1st and 2nd order systems along with a newfound respect for the frequency domain).

    I could be wrong though; you could spend a lot of time on mechanism synthesis and analysis, working more on kinematics than dynamics. It really depends on the professor and the point they want to get across. If this thread stays alive and I think of anything useful to say, I'll try to remember to do so. Happy decision making...
  7. mechatronics

    this is a course which is a combination of mechanical,electrical/electronic and software engineering;that is
    according to a certain British university.
  8. Mechatronics is groovy just for the name. Mecha-anything is cool. Mecha-Godzilla. Mecha-Adam.

    I think it is a third or fourth year subject at my university, and is for getting people into robotics.
  9. I was thinking about getting into mechatronics. How well does a mechatronics engineer get paid?
  10. i think its like the average engineering courses pay
    its whether u're interested in it or not
  11. Re: Mechatronics

    In today/s world the exposure to Mechatronics is a springboard or passport for everywhere and any thing in the industry.

    Those who are savy about electronic /Microcontroller/driven systems /software operated engines, machines, robots/motor driven things sensor controlled systems /Camera controls gets exposed to mechanical plus software plus electronic systems through this course.

    You do not do anything other than learning a lot in this subject. All the best.
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    Re: Mechatronics

    FYI...this thread is 7 years old.

  13. Re: Mechatronics

    Does anyone has experience on using Silicon Labs C8051F921 microcontroller? I have a project on a mechatronic system and found this micro-controller from "mouser". But I dont know how to start using it.
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