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Medal for DEs

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    Or no? You guys are good with DEs? I mean would we say PF has a strong presence in DEs? Most members good at them? Or are they formidable to lots of people?

    Anyway, DEs are the language of science, of physics, of biology, and the stars. Would make sense to get good at them if you want to understand what's going on in the Universe.

    And of course since I'm suggesting it, I would excuse myself from the group of contenders not like I'm good enough anyway but in case.
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    What's wrong with the SA and HH medals?
  4. Jul 24, 2013 #3
    Those are adequate and perhaps that's best; some people don't want to be recognized.

    Maybe it's not such a good idea. Some people in here are really good at them though. :)
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    Maybe I am being daft, but what is DE?
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    Differential Equations.
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    George Jones

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    What if I prefer to solve for the spectrum of hydrogen algebraically using the "hidden" SO(4) symmetry, instead of solving the Schrodinger DE directly? Would that mean that I can't get a DE medal?
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    Can you get the wave functions too?
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    Correct. And what's more, if you did work on the wave equation, I would fully expect you to do something novel with it in order to be in contention for a medal.
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    How do you think medals for specific skills would enhance the PF experience?
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    I'm not sure it would. And it would require additional effort on the part of the mentors whom I assume are already pressed for time. I just have been noticing some good work in that sub-forum of late that's all.
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    So essentially you are proposing something in which you yourself don't agree on.

    Aren't you just creating noise here?

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    Sometimes, often actually, the road to the right answer is strewn with wrong-turns. We have to try and be willing to accept the consequence of failure. My road in mathematics is filled with junk; I almost never get it right and am use to failure. So ok guys, may I apologize for creating noise about this matter and can we move on to more productive endeavors?
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