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Media Player & Quicktime *grumble*

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    So my girlfriend's little sister bought an IPod. It turned out that her computer wasn't up to snuff to run the necessary files to get everything up and running. I made the mistake of graciously offering for her to use mine.

    The girlfriend and the sister came over when I was at work. The software she installed set Quicktime as the default browser for videos/mp3's.

    * I F_ing HATE Quicktime. *

    I managed to get it switched back so Windows Media Player is the default browser for vids/music, but now it plays the videos full screen inside an IE window instead of in the seperate WMP window like I had it. I can't figure out how to set it back.

    &$^%(#*&#@% :grumpy:

    I'm striking out with the help files and online documentation.

    WMP 9 Series
    Windows XP
    P4 2.66GHz

    Little Help?
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    Don't know what I did, but it's working now.
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    Hello Enigma,
    I have noticed following new OS installations that IE will ask upon encountering media files for the first time whether or not it should play them in an IE window or open Media Player. I have always opted for Media Player so I don’t really know how to change things back. I was going to suggest you try the following path in an IE window;

    Tools > Internet Options > Advanced > Multimedia (scroll down) > Play videos in web pages (removed check then apply changes).

    Trouble is, I notice there is a check in mine yet in most instances Media Player will open. Soooo, sorry I couldn’t be of much help.

    Good luck
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