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Media Wear Measurement Philosophy Review

  1. Oct 31, 2012 #1

    Without advertising a specific product, I am hoping that someone out here might be familiar with the mining industry that could give me their opinion on a design philosophy: Do you think there is scope for a cheap and non-invasive product that could measure the online material loss of grinding media? My design is developed to maximise the lifetime of grinding media and liners in wet grinding while minimising iron hydroxide contamination of the downstream product. I believe this could be especially useful in flotation circuits, where the formation of iron hydroxide is suppressed, thereby increasing the recovery of precious metals.

    The articles I read about industrial grinding issues tend to be presented by suppliers and I don't know if I can rely on their potentially biased opinion of industrial problems - so who better to ask than industry!

    May I please ask for your opinion towards this kind of design and if you feel it could be useful, provided that it can be cheaply purchased/trialled with minimal & non-invasive retrofitting?

    It would be most appreciated if you can give your opinion of the industrial landscape in this situation!

    Kindest regards,
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