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Medical career suggestion

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    I have appeared for class Xll Board exam this year and National and State level Joint Entrance Examination for medical.The results for the competitive examinations are still awaited.I just don't know what I will do if I dont get a chance in medical for I dont have a second option.It seems that no other course interests me more than medicine.Do you have any other suggestions as what should I do or which subject can interest me if I consider my chances to qualify a negative?
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    How could we know what you're interested in any better than you? :)

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    There might be a language issue here. I assume that you're basically asking what other options are availabe for someone who is interested in medicine (becoming a medical doctor), but doesn't make it into medical school.

    If you're dead set on it, the first thing is re-try (if that's an option where you're from). Not everyone makes it into their first choice the first time around. Particularly with medicine, in North America, you have a pool of candidates for medical school positions that is much larger than the number of positions available. So what happens is you get people who can literally spend years improving their grades, sharpening their CVs, practicing interview skills, and re-writing entrance examinations until they get in. You can do this to a point. But if after two or three tries it doesn't happen, it's probably a good idea to move on with your life.

    In exploring other options, you start by figuring out what it is about medicine that you're really intrigued by. For example if it's the science of medicine, you could look into routes that might lead to a PhD in biochemistry or pharmacology. If it's one-on-one personal interactions you could look into clinical psychology. If it's getting your hands dirty or dealing with medical emergencies you could look into paramedicine or nursing.

    And don't be too worried if you don't figure it out today. Sometimes you have to try a few things before you find out what you're really good at.
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