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Medical Grade UPS?

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    Hello PF,

    After doing much research, I've decided that buying a retail UPS would be a much better idea than building one from scratch even though the cost is higher.

    I need to output 2kW for roughly 30 minutes.

    I am looking for a 3000 VA UPS that meets medical grade requirements.

    I believe that regulation is UL 60601-1, however there may be more things I may be missing.

    Any help would be appreciated.
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    Sounds like a good decision. :smile:

    What have you found so far via Google? I often will use Google Images for searches like this, to get better results.
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    So far I've only found one UPS that fits my needs which would be a Tripp Lite


    with a battery it can run 1920 Watts for 40 minutes.

    It appears this is the only option available, I called up APC and their customer service didn't appear to know what the UL 60601-1 regulation was.
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    I did a Google Images search on +"60601-1" ups, and got some reasonable looking units from different manufacturers. Maybe try that search to see if the other manufacturers have medical grade units in your power range...
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    In your earlier thread, on 24 June, berkeman wrote, “The pertinent UL standard for medical equipment is UL544”
    Just do a Google search using the term “UL 544 ups” and many suitable commercial units and their standards appear.
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    Well, our device in development will be used on patients, and anything coming within 6 feet radius of a patient needs to have UL 60601-1. I believe that UL544 was withdrawn sometime in 2009 and replaced with UL 60601-1. The testing for this is much more stiffer, which is ultimately what gave me the decision to find one in a marketplace.
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