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Medical Jobs for BS in Physics?

  1. Oct 19, 2013 #1
    What are some medical jobs that someone with a BS in physics could take?
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    Administrative assistant? Pallet mover? Janitor?

    Maybe someone else can think of something better, I believe just about any medical job will require additional training, likely extensive.

    What about sales of medical equipment? If you consider that a medical job, a BS in physics might qualify for a few (but not most) of such jobs.
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    I think they could also apply to anything that ends with the word technician. You'll probably need to look into certifications for things like lab tech and what not.

    Most of the certs wouldn't be too difficult for a physics major to accomplish.

    Why not apply to med school?
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    This isn't a bad idea if they really want to be a doctor. Also, everyone I know that went to med school had to take a year each of biology, general chem., and organic chem. Many took biochemistry, genetics, and perhaps other classes as well. So there could be classes to make up if the OP didn't already take all of these.
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    Most medical-type jobs have some sort of competency or certification process, so if you're graduating with a BSc in physics and want something specific, there's a good chance that you'll have some retraining to do. That said, the physics education you have can help you immensely once you get in.

    Positions you might be able to apply for without further training...
    - medical physics assistant
    - technical sales of medical devices (CT, MRI, linear accelerators etc.)
    - technical support for medical devices or medical software
    - radiation safety positions
    - positions with consulting groups that work on efficiency of processes, streamlining workflow, error reduction (FMEA), data mining and analysis, etc.
    - project manager
    (Keep in mind these are *possible* to get. It may be likely that even though in the past many people have been hired out of the BSc and trained on the job, in today's competitive marketplace additional training may be what gets you into a competitive position)

    Positions that you could apply for with ~ 2 years or less specific training...
    - x-ray technician
    - radiation therapist
    - nuclear medicine technician
    - there are 2 year BSc of Nursing programs for people who already have an undergraduate degree
    - phlebotomist
    - medical devices service specialist (either within the hospital or with the company)
    - ultrasonographer
    - MRI technician
    - emergency medical technician

    Hopefully that can at least serve as fuel to get your own ideas rolling.
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