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Medical Marijuana in Maine?

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    Medical Marijuana in Maine??

    We have a law authorizing the prescription of marijuana for medical conditions. One big problem is that local towns are throwing up roadblocks preventing dispensaries from opening in their limits. When the largest towns in the area effectively ban dispensaries from opening, it is basically denying care to people who might need it most. My brother-in-law would not have ended his life as easily without pot. Marinol did nothing for him - it had to be the real deal.
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    Re: Medical Marijuana in Maine??

    i guess that means your next step is to sue the towns. maybe pick small ones that can't put up much defense.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Re: Medical Marijuana in Maine??

    Yeah, I heard there was supposed to be a protest, but everyone forgot to show up.

    Recently, Portland [Oregon] set a limit on the number of pot stores that could operate. But it is a thriving business in Oregon.

    I also saw a recent story about the first pot reviewer. He works for a Colorado paper and critiques the various strains of pot available locally. I loved the comment about how he got his job: He was one of the few applicants who knows how to punctuate!

    Mendocino county [California] has actually legallized it at the county level - all users. This goes against State law, but given that 80-90% of the county's revenues now come from pot sales, no one is rushing to do anything about it.
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