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Medical Physics Advices

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    I started thinking about Medical Physics the other day as one of the options for me. I have not taken any biology classes so far, but took some intensive biology classes in high school that is equivalent to freshmen and a part of sophomore biology classes. I started looking at graduate programs on medical physics but did not find whole lot. Can anyone please help me explore the field of Medical Physics and is possible, even suggest something?

    List of school with top notch medical physics program will be awesome
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    The best programs in general are those accredited by CAMPEP. Accreditation means that the programs have satisfied certain criteria with respect to course content and teaching quality that the committee feels are neccessary to prepare the student for a career in medical physics. Also, the way things are going, it looks like for students starting out now, in order to write your board exams (professional certification) you'll need to have come through an accredited program.


    Also, you don't need to worry too much about the biology. It's nice to have. If you have the opportunity to take undergraduate classes in biology and chemistry I would recommend that, but it's not usually a requirement. You will generally be able to pick up what biology you need in grad school. Having a solid background in physics is what's important.
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    Thanks Choppy!
    Do you have any information on the schools that offer such programs?
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