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Homework Help: Medical Physics Exam paper

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    What do you guys think the best answer tyo these questions are?

    Descibe in detail an x-ray machine for use in a n undegraduate research lab:
    (6 marks)

    Explain how both characteristic and bremsstrahlung x-rays are produced?
    (4 marks)

    State two differences between the x-ray machine you described above and one qwhich might be used in a hospital for x-ray imaging.
    (2 marks)

    Its not a homework question, but rather an exam paper question I am using to revise and wondered what everyone else would have put for this question?
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    You need to give us your answers, and then we can offer tutorial help if necessary. We do NOT give out answers to questions like these. Please re-read the "Rules" link at the top of the page.

    So what are your thoughts on each of these?
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