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Medical Physics Placements

  1. Nov 9, 2015 #1

    I'm currently looking for a placement in Medical Physics, either Summer or year-long. It would preferably be either in the UK or New Zealand.

    I'm a second year BSc Physics with Medical Physics and achieved a First in my first year.

    Could anyone recommend any companies or hospitals that offer Medical Physics placements, I've been looking around but am struggling to find many. I know Renishaw and Johnson&Johnson are offering and I've already applied to these.

    Thank you in advance!
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    Do you mean a co-operative placement? (I'm not familiar with the UK or NZ systems.)

    If so have you tried your department advisor? They will likely know which places that students have gotten jobs at in the past and you could follow up with these.

    The other option is to simply look up the radiation therapy facilities in the areas you're interested in and inquire at the medical physics departments directly. It's rare that they would hire an undergraduate student to do QA, but it's reasonably common to have undergrad positions as research assistants, particularly at larger centres. Either way, you could look into both.
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    Thanks for replying,

    I'm not sure exactly what a co-operative placement is but it sounds similar. I've looking for a 10-12month placement in a company or hospital in order to gain work experience and increase my chances of good employment after graduation. I'm taking an Interruption of Study to do this so it won't count towards my final degree classification.

    I've spoken to our careers adviser but unfortunately they weren't very helpful. Their main advice was to keep looking into different companies and ask around, which is what I'm doing. I just thought there was a chance that someone on Physics Forums knows something I don't!
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